Cuisine Francaise Halal

anglais france

Our First Course

Egg mayonnaise

Meli-Melo of crudity

Tuna mayonnaise

Tomato mozzarella

Herring Fillets with warm potato

Chicken terrine

6 burgundy snails

6 stuffed mussels

Salad of the chef

Avocado with shrimp

12 burgundy snails


12 stuffed mussels

Smoked salmon with toasts


Our Homemade soup

Onion soup

Pumpkin soup

Fish soup


Our Omelette

Omelette cheese and ham poultry

Spanish omelette

Peasant omelette

Russian omelette

Mushroom omelette

Our pasta

Pinate gorgonzola

Tagliatelle with salmon

Tagliatelle bolognese

Tagliatelle three cheese

Spaghetti carbonara

Vegetarian pasta

Pinate of the chef

Tagliatelles with mushrooms

Our Salad

Vegetarian salad

Niçoise salad

Parisienne salad

Chicken salad

Goat cheese hot salad

Mozzarella hot salad

Peasant salad

Norwegian salad

Auvergnate salad

Crazy salad

Main course Garnish

brick tuna

Roast Chicken

Sliced chicken

Fried egg on chopped steak

Turkey escalope

Crisp white salmon butter

Chopped steak with gorgonzola sauce

Brick chicken

Homemade duck confit

Sole meuniere


Cassoulet of walnut St. Jacques

Red mullet

Our Grilled

Saddle lamb

Salmon steak

Rump steak

Duck with green pepper sauce

Grilled Entrecote

Homemade Dessert

Delight of chocolate with custard

Chocolat mousse

Cream caramel

"Pain Perdu" with custard

Fruit tart

Tatin tart and cream

Burned cream

Lemon tart meringue


Floating island